Miller Pulstar-450 Package


Product Description

Miller Pulstar-450

CV Power Source

Output: 450 DC Amperes
Max Volts: 38
Voltage Range: 14-38
Duty Cycle: 100%

Additional Notes: 60 PPS or 120 PPS

Input Voltage Requirements: 230VAC or 480VAC 3-Phase
Input Amperage Requirements: 70 Amps / 35 Amps

On Running Gear

With Miller S52-E

Package will include the following:
-Mig Gun
-15′ of Ground Lead with Clamp
-10′ of Interconnecting
-10′ of  1/4″ Gas Line with Regulator
-10′ of Primary Power Cable
-2 Drive Rolls

Both Units have been Cleaned, Tested, and Reconditioned. Ready to go.