Weldsale Company, LLC is the sister company to J. A. Cunningham.
Weldsale Company provides well known Weldsale Platens, Stands, and FlexTooling internationally. Platens are cast iron welding tables used for clamping weldments while welding.
We often have used welding platens available. Weldsale Company has a full line of Clamps, Tools, Flame Clear Pyramids, and Downdraft Ventilation Tables.


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The Weldsale Product Line Includes:
Weldsale Platens
Clamps and Tools
Steel Stands
Downdraft Platens
Used Platens
Modular Clamping Systems
Cutting Tables
Flame Clear Pyramids For Cutting Tables
Scissor Lift Tables
Custom Welding Benches
Custom Welding Booths
Bench Top Positioners
Bench Top Turning Rolls
Weldsale Company, LLC

2151 Dreer Street
Philadelphia, PA 19125

Office: 215 739-7474
Fax: 215 739-1260
After Hours Cell Phone: 856-266-4961