Vintage Years!

J A Cunningham Eqpt. Inc. has been in business for over 71 years! Paul and Clete Cunningham haved carried on the work of building and selling Welding Platens for over 35 years!

We host a summer luncheon to keep in touch with all the friends we’ve made at through the company over the years Here’s a few photos we’d like to share.

The old and the older!

From left to right -Don Benkendorf, who worked for the Company from 1965-1998, sitting next to him is Bill Nipps, who started in 1961 and is currently still employed by the Company.

Two good friends!


From left to right –  Jim Gindele, current salesman, he has been with the Company since 1979.  The gentleman sitting next to him is Myron Roher, who worked for the Company from 1964-1983.

The Gang

This photo contains everyone who attended the JA Cunningham summer luncheon –  July 2017 with alumni members – a company crew of 50+ years of working history!

Thanks Guys.