Rental / Lease Equipment

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J. A. Cunningham Equipment, Inc. leases most types of new and preowned welding equipment. 

We handle all types and varieties of amperage and brands of welding machines. We specialize in Miller welding equipment.

Brands Available for Rental / Lease

Miller Welding Equipment
ESAB Welding Equipment
Hobart Welding Equipment
AIRCO Welding Equipment
Lincoln Welding Equipment
Victor Welding Equipment

Arc Welding Equipment, and Stick Feeders
MIG Welding Machines
Wire FeedersPower Sources
TIG Welding
Squarewave Welders, PulsersFoot Controls
Plasma Cutters

Portable Welding Equipment, Gas and Diesel Drive Welders
Welding Wholesale Welding Machines and Products 

(Now Weldsale Company, our sister company.)
Welding Machines of Most Common Makes and Brands
Small and Large Welding Fixtures
Seamers, Side Beam Carriages Manipulators, PositionersTurning Rolls
Robots and Automatic Equipment
Phoenix Dry Rod Ovens

Resistance Welding Machines, Spot Welding Equipment,
Stud Welding Equipment
Submerged Arc Welding Machines
Custom Welding Machines
Orbital Welding Machine
Heavy Repair Welding Equipment
Used Welding Machines 
– All Types and Sizes