Oxy – Acetylene Gas Apparatus

J. A. Cunningham Equipment offers a full line of Oxyfuel Cutting Equipment for manual, semi-automatic, and automatic use. J. A. Cunningham Equipment, a name the welding industry knows well has long concentrated on turning manual (hand-held,) and semi-automatic processes into fully automated, highly efficient processes.

We offer the following Oxy – Acetylene Gas Apparatus Products:

ARCAIR – Slice Pak Cutting System / Gouging Torches
KN Aronson – Portable Shape Cutters
Con Coa – Oxygen Cutting Equipment and Regulators
ESAB – Oxygen Cutting Equipment
Smith Equipment – Oxygen Cutting Equipment and Regulators
Thermal Dynamics – Plasma Cutting Equipment / Systems
Victor Equipment – Oxygen Cutting Equipment and Regulators
Weld Tooling (Bug-O) – Climber Tractors on Straight or Curved Tracks, also Hob-O, Cir-O, Piling Welding, Pipe Cutting, Vertical Welding, Horizontal Welding, Structural Intermittent Welding, Linear Welding, Overhead Flame Cutting, Overlay Welding, Stiffener Welding

J. A. Cunningham Equipment provides you with a Complete Solution for all of your Oxy / Acetylene or Plasma Cutting Requirements.

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