Safety Equipment

As the welding industry has evolved, so has the variety and range of applications of personal protective equipment (PPE.) Welding helmets were once offered by only a few manufacturers. Now there are many different companies supplying a wide range of different types of products. Today highly advanced Quick Change Helmets are very popular. There is also a vast selection of respirators, face shields, safety glasses, and hats from which to choose.

These are the lines of Safety and Personal Protective
Equipment (PPE) that we handle:

3M – Respirators, Face Shields, Impervious Safety Clothing
Fibre Metal – Safety Equipment, Hard Hats, Goggles, Helmets, Face Shields
Hornell – 3M Helmets – (Now owned by 3M) Speedglass, Helmets, Respirators, Air Flow Helmets
Jackson – Hard hats, helmets, cable connectors
Miller – Auto-Darkening Helmets (click to download PDF)
Revco – High quality elkskin, deerskin, cowhide, pigskin, goatskin, kidskin gloves, aprons, cape sleeves and bibs, leggings, black Stallion welding gloves, Nomex lined gloves
Steiner – Aprons, Gloves, Curtains
Tillman – Leather Gloves and Clothing
Wilson – Curtains, Strip Curtains, Laser Curtains

These are some of the lines of General Accessories that we handle:

Lenco – Ground clamps and holders
Wearflex – Nylon Slings

We are an authorized 3M welding distributor.
We offer a complete assortment of all of the types of safety gear you need.

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